New Sachet Line by China Mist for a Better Cup of Tea

China Mist Tea Company Unveils a New Line of Tea Sachets

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – November 9, 2006 – China Mist Tea Company is updating its Leaves Pure Teas® by China Mist® Sachet Line with a larger sachet bag, new packaging, and additional blends including four organic varieties, a white tea and an oolong tea.

The silken sachet bag has increased in size, allowing for whole leaves of tea to be included in the bag and more volumetric opportunity for the tea to experience the agony of the leaf during steeping. In layman’s terms, the larger bag gives more room for the tea to expand inside the bag, which creates a more flavorful cup of tea.

“We’ve given our sachet line a makeover,” said China Mist Tea Company President and COO Rommie Flammer. “We wanted to show our customers what a fantastic product these tea sachets really are, so we put more information on the packaging.

The sachets are the highest-end of our hot teas, and we wanted to express that to the end user. The best way we could do that is by placing the info right on the box.”

The packaging has been updated to include a photograph of the loose tea and a diagram of a tea sachet to show the customer what a sachet looks like , since this is a relatively new product to the public. Each box is color-distinct and holds 15 individually wrapped sachets in a self-dispensing package. The self-dispensing package allows the restaurant or retail outlet to display the teas with no need for additional display equipment, and the customer has the experience of selecting his own tea sachet. The Sachet Line includes twelve blends of black, green, white, oolong and herbal teas.

China Mist Tea Company was co-created by John Martinson and Dan Schweiker in 1982 with delicious iced teas blended for the foodservice industry. Years later, the hot tea brand, Leaves Pure Teas®, was acquired featuring tea bags, sachets and loose tea. In 2005, Martinson and Schweiker passed the teaspoon to Rommie Flammer, who leads China Mist Tea Company as President. Additionally in 2005, China Mist became the exclusive importer of Mokarabia Real Italian Coffee. China Mist Teas and Mokarabia Real Italian Coffees are distributed internationally and available for retail sale through

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