Silver World Beverage Award Winner – China Mist Pure Bottled Organic Tea

China Mist Brands Introduces Premium Pure Organic RTD Tea

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – March 18, 2009 – China Mist Brands was the first in the industry to introduce gourmet fresh-brewed iced tea, and in 2008 proudly takes the lead in introducing a super premium RTD (ready-to-drink) tea called China Mist® Pure Bottled Organic Tea. Bottled in a screen-printed, contemporary hourglass bottle, the six tea varieties are full-bodied and flavorful with little or no calories.

“We’ve been researching and experimenting with the idea for a bottled tea for over 10 years, but had abandoned the project each time because it just wasn’t perfect,” said China Mist Brands President and COO Rommie Flammer. “Advances were made in technology and equipment, which allowed us to create a product good enough to carry our name. Since then, we’ve worked feverishly to create, test and design packaging for the beautifully bottled tea we are so proud to call China Mist Pure.”

The six organic, kosher and halal varieties of China Mist Pure are available in four unsweetened and two lightly sweetened blends. The line includes Wild Blueberry Green Tea, Orange Blossom Ginger White Tea, Lotus Pear Green Tea, Dragon Fruit Black Tea all unsweetened with zero calories; and two with juice and only 40 calories - Tangerine Black Tea with Pomegranate Juice and Blackberry Jasmine Green Tea with Lemonade.

“Many RTD’s on the market are highly sweetened and low in tea solids,” said China Mist Brands Teasmith Scott Svihula. “Four of our blends of China Mist Pure are unsweetened, two are lightly sweetened and all six of them are very high in polyphenol antioxidants. The taste is unparalleled amongst any other RTD tea.”

Presented among teas and other beverages from 25 countries in a “double blind” taste test and packaging event in the World Beverage Competition, China Mist Pure Bottled Organic Teas were awarded the 2009 Silver Award in the category of Tea. The World Beverage Competition is accredited as the premier tasting event in the world of -more-beverages. The other winners in the tea category are neither from the US, iced nor bottled teas, making China Mist Pure the best tasting bottled iced tea in the world.

With a suggested foodservice price of $5.00 - 7.00 and retail price of $2.99 – 3.99, China Mist Pure is a fashionable glass-bottled RTD in 16.9-ounces (500mL) that will be sold at foodservice establishments and high-end grocery and retail outlets throughout the world.

“We saw a demand in the foodservice segment for a variety of tea types and flavors in bottles.” said China Mist Brands President and COO Rommie Flammer. “While this product was designed with foodservice in mind, it does cross over to retail and is a perfect fit for both.”

China Mist Brands (CMB), the Iced Tea Specialists since 1982, has expanded its product line with the release of a super premium RTD (ready-to-drink) tea called China Mist® Pure Bottled Organic Tea. CMB manufactures and distributes specialty iced tea for the foodservice industry from Scottsdale, Arizona. The brand acquired Leaves Pure Teas Hot Teas in 1999, and holds exclusive rights to sell and distribute Mokarabia Real Italian Coffee in the United States, making it the premium single source for all finest coffee and tea needs to the foodservice industry. China Mist Brands are distributed internationally and available for retail sale through their website. For more information on the World Beverage Competition, visit For more information on China Mist Brands call 800.292.8807 or visit