Serving Tea

How much tea will one Leaves Sachet make? Ideally, our Sachets will steep an 18-ounce pot of tea.

Does a lime wedge work well as an alternative garnish? No, limejuice clouds iced tea. If you are looking for an alternative garnish, try an orange slice or a strawberry or a wedge of exotic fruit such as mango, pineapple or even star fruit.

Why doesn’t the China Mist I make at home taste the same as it does in my favorite restaurant? The truth of the matter is that we can control all of the variables involved in making great iced tea in a food service establishment. Everything from the type of tea, cleanliness of the equipment, brewing method, water temperature and water quality are consistently monitored and controlled in a food service operation. When we sell tea for home use all we control is the quality of the tea. If the tea is brewed too long or not long enough it can be weak or bitter. Too much chlorine in the water and the tea will smell and taste bad. If the water for the tea and ice is too hard, it can cloud the tea.