China Mist Leaves Pure Teas Hot Teas

At Leaves Pure TeasĀ®, the premium hot tea division of China Mist Tea Company, we travel the world to seek out the freshest and highest quality teas, herbs, and spices. We believe that serving teas brewed with superior loose leaves results in a better, smoother and more flavorful cup of hot tea.

All of our organic teas are caffeinated, unless otherwise noted.

Our years of selective buying and blending of high quality organic teas can be tasted in every cup with Leaves Pure Teas tea bags.

Leaves Pure Teas Premium Hot Tea Bags

Our beautiful tea bag program includes a delicious assortment of our most popular teas, with 17 blends in all. Certified Kosher by the Kosher Supervision of America. Certified Halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America. Organic selections are certified USDA Organic by CCOF. All China Mist Brands teas are Gluten-free.

Black Teas

Organic Breakfast Tea

A rich and full-bodied blend of India black and China black teas with fragrant and complex notes. Buy Organic Breakfast Tea Now »

Organic Earl Grey

This delicious floral Ceylon tea is flavored with a fine pressing of oil of Bergamot. Buy Organic Earl Grey Now »

Organic Mandarin Orange Spice

A delicious blend of the finest orange pekoe teas with Mandarin orange oil and exotic spices. Buy Organic Mandarin Orange Tea Now »

Organic Heirloom Apple Cinnamon

Orchard-picked apples, cinnamon and lively spices season this artisan, organic black tea.Buy Organic Heirloom Apple Cinnamon Black Tea Now »

Twisted Organic Lemon

An invigorating and delicious blend of zesty Lisbon lemon and fine Ceylon tea. Buy Twisted Organic Lemon Tea Now »

Green Teas

Best Organic China Green

This savory and delicate blend of fine China green tea is refreshingly pure and simple. Buy China Green Tea Now »

Organic Lemon Ginger Green

A lively and refreshing blend of fine green teas, lemon myrtle, lemon zest and a hint of ginger. Buy Lemon Ginger Tea Now »

Organic Spring Jasmine Green

An aromatic blend of night blooming jasmine and fine green tea. Buy Jasmine Green Tea Now »

Herbal Teas (naturally caffeine-free)

Sweet Chamomile

A bouquet of chamomile flowers, a slightly minty, slightly fruity taste deliver a velvety, calming sensation. Buy Sweet Chamomile Now »

Simply Organic Mint

This simple and refreshing blend combines the freshest mints in a clean, sweet herbal. Sweet Chamomile Buy Organic Mint Tea Now »

Leaves Pure TeasĀ® Whole-Leaf Tea Sachets

Our tea leaves are hand-plucked, hand-processed and provided ina spacious, nylon sachet. The sachet preserves the beauty,essential oils and natural flavors of the leaves until you release them. While steeping, the whole leaves gently unfurl, creating a precious gift of tasty, aromatic goodness.All Leaves Pure Teas Whole-Leaf Tea Sachets are certified Kosher by Kosher Supervision of America. Certified Organic by the USDA, as indicated.

Black Teas

Organic Classic Breakfast

A rich and flavorful blend of full-bodied black tea leaves. Perfect with or without milk and sweetener. Buy Organic Breakfast Tea Now »

Organic Berry Black

Full-bodied, sweet and satisfying with hints of ripened fruit. These full leaf organic tea leaves steep a rare and delightful cup. Buy Organic Berry Black Tea Now »

Organic Earl Grey

The refreshing scent of Bergamot lilts from every cup of these finely scented organic black tea leaves. Buy Organic Earl Grey Tea Now »

Aromatic Organic Chai

An aromatic and alluring blend of exotic spices and finest black whole leaf teas. Buy Organic Chai Tea Now »

Green Teas

Organic Green

Subtle and slightly sweet aromas spring from every cup of this highly prized organic green tea. Garden fresh. Buy Organic Green Tea Now »

Organic Tropical Green

Flavorful and aromatic full leaf organic green tea with the added notes of sweet tropical fruits. Buy Organic Tropical Green Tea Now »

Organic Spring Jasmine Green

Fragrant with the scent of night blooming jasmine, this whole leaf green tea is as flavorful as it is memorable. Buy Organic Spring Jasmine Green Tea Now »

Organic Genmaicha (Toasted Rice) Green

Aromatic green teas blended with naturally sweet roasted rice. A Japanese and American classic. Buy Organic Genmaicha Tea Now »

Oolong Teas

Fragrant Organic Oolong

Complex and naturally sweet aromas with a smooth liquor that continues to sweeten the palate sip after sip. Buy Organic Oolong Tea Now »

White Teas

Organic Orange Jasmine White

Delicately blended whole leaf white and jasmine teas with a hint of sweet orange. Buy Organic Orange Jasmine White Tea Now »

Herbal Teas (naturally caffeine-free)

Organic Simply Mint

Refreshing, cooling and reminiscent of crisp mountain air. Simply delicious.
Buy Organic Simply Mint Tea Now »

Organic Sweet Chamomile Citrus

Naturally sweet, honey-like and rumored to be the most relaxing of all teas. A lingering delicate flavor. A naturally sweet and full-bodied infusion of chamomile and aromatic herbs. Buy Organic Chamomile Citrus Tea Now »