"China Mist has impacted our beverage sales more than anything we’ve seen in the last decade."
Quinn Adkins, Executive Chef Manager Menu Development, Olga's Kitchen. Olga’s Kitchen began in 1970, and today operates over 30 restaurants.

Foodservice Iced Tea & Commercial Hot Tea Applications

China Mist® Brands understands the importance of turning consumer tastes and trends into profitable opportunities for your foodservice establishment. We offer a high quality full restaurant tea program consisting of China Mist® Iced Teas, China Mist® Pure Bottled Organic Teas, Leaves Pure Teas® and Hot Teas. No matter what type of cuisine your restaurant serves, you're sure to find a series of China Mist Foodservice Tea Brands to complement your menu.

China Mist® Fresh-Brewed Iced Teas

Our clean, clear and refreshing iced teas are the finest teas available for your restaurant. These tea leaves are specially chosen to become iced teas, making China Mist® Iced Teas a sip above the rest. China Mist Foodservice Iced Teas are available in a variety of blends to suit all of your restaurant guests' iced tea cravings. Our Black, Green, White & Herbal Iced Teas are delicious and refreshing. Our signature blends offer hints of exotic fruits such as passion fruit, raspberry and mango, while allowing the smooth flavor of fine tea to shine through. Available in 16 fresh-brewed blends in multiple brew sizes (1.5, 3 and 5 gallons). China Mist Brands can confidently declare that we have the most comprehensive portfolio of branded foodservice iced tea offerings available to the restaurant industry.

China Mist® Bag-in-Box Concentrate Iced Teas

China Mist Brands is proud to present the first gourmet bag-in-box iced tea with all the quality and taste restaurant guests have come to expect from China Mist. If you’re looking for a consistently delicious foodservice iced tea with operational ease, reduced labor, no need for electrical requirements and no waste – our Bag-in-Box iced tea is the perfect solution. Available in four bag-in-box iced tea blends.

Leaves Pure Teas® Hot Teas

Leaves Pure Teas® Hot Teas consist of the cleanest, freshest and most flavorful teas, herbs and spices available.

Leaves Pure Teas® Whole-Leaf Tea Sachets

Our high-end, beautiful sachet program includes an assortment of our most popular hot teas, with twelve (12) blends in all. Our restaurant Tea Sachets are made from the finest whole leaf teas, encased in a silken sachet bag. The large sachet bag allows for full expansion of the tea leaves, resulting in a more flavorful cup of hot tea. Give your restaurant guests the beauty and flavor of a loose tea presentation without the hassle of measuring and cleanup.

Leaves Pure Teas® Whole Leaf Loose Teas

With over 45 blends of Leaves Pure Teas® Whole-Leaf Loose Teas to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect Foodservice hot tea for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a celebratory tea worthy of a wedding ceremony, a complement for a delicate entree, or the perfect tea to enhance your restaurant’s signature dessert, you’ll find a match in our large collection of fine restaurant teas.

Leaves Pure Teas® Hot Tea Bags

Our hot tea bag restaurant program provides 17 delicious signature blends, with nine organic selections. Compatible tea groupings are suggested for ease of purchase, or you can make your own tea selections based on your customers’ preferences. Our restaurant tea bags are individually foil-wrapped in order to preserve freshness, and are available in convenient 25-count dispensers or 100-count bulk packaging. The clear 25-count dispensers allow monitoring of product levels to avoid running out of tea bags during busy hours.

Tea-Loving Care®

Equipment, Product, Service, Training & Quality Assurance from China Mist Brands. That’s what we call Tea-Loving Care®. You’ll receive everything you need to keep your Foodservice tea brewing and dispensing equipment pouring consistently safe and delicious China Mist Iced Tea that will keep your restaurant guests coming back for more. That’s what we call Tea-LC®!

Restaurant Tea Marketing Support

China Mist® Brands proudly supports your sales efforts with quality, colorful marketing support. Some of the items include customized dispenser wraps and labels, branded acrylic table toppers and inserts, window clings, easels and POS for cashier station, branded cups, hot tea display boxes, restaurant tea service sets, and much, much more!

For More Restaurant Tea Information

If you are a foodservice operator and would like us to contact you about our gourmet restaurant tea products, please complete our inquiry form. For more information on these productions, visit our About Our Products page by clicking here.