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Hello From Scottsdale

We admit it. We're bonafide iced tea fanatics, but not in the snobby sense. From day one, we've been driven to create the best tasting iced teas and offer the best iced tea program in the foodservice industry.

Our Story

"If you can imagine it, it can be done."

Back in 1982, two out-of-the-box thinkers forever changed the landscape of restaurant iced tea. Dan Schweiker and John Martinson wanted to disrupt the iced tea business. Low-quality teas that were the norm, just didn't cut it. So they went to work.

With tenacious spirits and the help of new, emerging tea brewing technology, Dan and John embarked on a mission to make and distribute the first-ever gourmet, fresh-brewed iced teas for restaurants.

After mixing and tasting numerous different tea leaf combinations, they hit on the perfect combination for iced black tea. So they started blending and packaging it from Martinson's garage and distributing it themselves around the state. Three years later, Rommie Flammer, a plucky, local high-schooler joined the company and began moving up.

And here we are, 32+ years later with our founders, still driven by that same optimism and tenacity to create the best tasting teas you'll ever experience.

“Success is steeped in shaking up the status quo.”

Why The Name China Mist

It’s a quick little story actually... that goes something like this:

Take the birthplace of tea (which is China) and pair it with the cool, mystical presence of misty mountains, and voila, you have China Mist.

Our Mission

To create joyful tea experiences.

We're not ones to brag, but we're a passionate bunch who are driven to be better, greater and different in everything tea. It's kinda in our DNA. Believing there is always a way to make an everyday experience more special, we blend unique and memorable teas that bring joy to any moment. By doing so, we empower all you awesome, tea-lovers out there to do what you love more. Share life, over amazing tea.

Meet The Team

Like our tea, our team is steeped in decades of experience and fresh thinking. There's a spirit of pushing the envelope in each and every one of us as we continue to raise the bar in the world of tea. Every member of our team is here not only because they're absurdly talented and emphatic tea lovers, but because they love what they do.

dan schweiker


john s martinson


rommie flammer


ed baird

Vice President of Sales

ryan darling

Tea Specialist

Joe Pugh

Warehouse Supervisor

Kevin McCullough

Plant Manager

Ana White

Territory Sales Manager

Jasmine Nitchen

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Jensen

Director of Customer Service

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