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New Logo

You might have noticed that our logo has changed.

This is perhaps the fifth iteration of the China Mist logo in the 32 years we’ve been in business, but it’s also the biggest change we’ve ever undertaken.

When we opened our doors in 1982, we called our proprietary tea blend “special blend.” Yeah, I know, not particularly distinctive – but at the time, we were a restaurant-focused iced-tea service run by two guys out of a garage. A few short years later, when it appeared that our business model had legs, we came to the realization that our product deserved a real, original brand.

After throwing around dozens of name ideas, we landed on “China Mist.” The logic made complete sense: Our tea leaves come from China (the birthplace of tea), and mist is refreshing, mysterious and ethereal, much like our teas. China Mist just seemed like a natural fit. We traded a used coffee machine to a local graphic designer, who created our first logo – purple and sea-foam green with Asian styled letters and a mist flowing through it – and the China Mist brand was born.

Over the years, we evolved our logo, keeping the Chinese-themed lettering but removing the mist, adding a red swash, changing a color here and there.

It was recognizable to those who were familiar with our brand; unfortunately, it was also confusing to those who weren’t. In fact, many thought we were a foreign based corporation, or even a restaurant!

Now, as China Mist enters a new era, we believe it’s time our brand reflects the love we put into our teas, not just the origin of the name. We challenged our agency, Santy Integrated, to create a new brand with the following guidelines:

• The new logo should have meaning – it should reflect the dedication and passion we put into our teas, as well as the mission, vision and values of our company.

• It should appeal to a new generation of iced-tea fans.

• It should personify joy, energy, playfulness, quality, and sustainability.

The team kicked off an intense design exploratory, with over 50 different logo concepts. We collaborated on several rounds of concepts, and saw quite a few logos that intrigued us along the way. Finally, one logo rose to the top.

The new China Mist logo is full of positive energy and vibrancy. It’s playful, yet mature. It exudes a confidence in who we are as a brand, but stays relaxed and refreshing, like a good iced tea should. There are also some subtle nuances to the new logo that we hope you enjoy (pop quiz after this!):

• The colors in the C and H pay homage to our original logo colors.

• The A in China is actually an upside-down tea glass. Bottoms up!

• The dot in the C represents a top-down view of tea in a cup.

• The rectangle in the H represents an ice cube.

• The gold wedges in the N represent citrus wedges like lemon and orange – traditional iced tea garnishes.

• The blue in the A and green in the M represent a nod toward our sustainability goals.

• The red dots in the S represent duality of the yin and yang philosophy as it relates to the earth.

We hope our longtime fans and friends are as excited about the new look of China Mist as we are. In the coming months, you’ll see the new logo and many related branding elements appearing everywhere in our packaging, communications, in-store materials, and a few other exciting things we aren’t quite ready to announce yet. Stay tuned, stay fresh, and keep it cool with China Mist Iced Tea!