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Purchase Organic Lemon Ginger Green Tea - 100 ct
  • Organic Lemon Ginger Green Tea - 100 ct

  • $25.99

    Aromatic Organic Lemon Ginger Green tea is refreshing, and has a bright zesty kick of lemon and mild spices. Balanced with fruity lemon notes and spicy ginger, this green tea packs a punch and will leave you smiling as you sip.

  • Caffeine Level: Low
    Caffeine Level:
    Form: Tea Bag
    Tea Bag
    Type: Green

Tasting Notes

The bright aroma of lemon and ginger invite you to sip the crisp, citrusy lemon notes that blend seamlessly with the spicy kick of ginger. It's a flavor match that pairs well with the buttery, fresh taste of our organic green tea. 

Our tea bags are individually packaged to ensure freshness and convenience; and our carefully selected ingredients are certified Organic and Kosher. We package our teas in recyclable boxes, printed with vegetable-based inks – so you can be confident your tea of choice is environmentally sustainable and ethically produced.

China Mist teas are designed to make brewing the perfect iced or hot tea simple and convenient.

Product Details

Tea Type
Crisp lemon Spicy Ginger Bright Lemongrass
Organic Kosher Ethical Tea Partnership
Organic green tea organic ginger organic lemongrass organic lemon myrtle organic lemon peel

Preparation Instructions

Water Needed - 8-10 oz.
Water Needed 8-10 oz.
Steeping Time - 1-3 minutes
Steeping Time 1-3 minutes
Serving Size - 8-10 oz.
Serving Size 8-10 oz.
NOTES: Pour hot water over tea bag, steep, remove bag (no need to squeeze!), and enjoy.