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Purchase Organic Sweet Herbs with Chamomile Herbal Tea Sachets
  • Organic Sweet Herbs with Chamomile Herbal Tea Sachets

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    Naturally caffeine-free, this soothing herbal blend combines a chamomile bouquet kissed with sweet licorice and cooling mint.

  • Caffeine Level: None
    Caffeine Level:
    Form: Tea Sachet
    Tea Sachet
    Type: Herbal

Tasting Notes

Naturally caffeine-free, this soothing herbal blend is aromatic with sweet, fresh herbal notes. The delicate, floral flavors of chamomile are complemented by cool, refreshing notes of mint and sweet licorice and a citrus twist.

We use only the finest whole leaf tea encased in biodegradable nylon sachet bags, to allow for full expansion of the tea leaves and herbal blends, resulting in a more flavorful cup of hot or cold tea.

China Mist teas are designed to make brewing the perfect iced or hot tea simple and convenient.

Our carefully selected ingredients are certified Organic and Kosher and packaed in recyclable boxes, printed with vegetable-based inks - so you can be confident your tea of choice is environmentally sustainable and ethically produced.

Product Details

Tea Type
Soothing chamomile Cooling spearmint Bright peppermint
Organic Kosher Ethical Tea Partnership
Organic licorice organic spearmint organic peppermint organic chamomile organic orange oil

Preparation Instructions

Water Needed - 10-12 oz.
Water Needed 10-12 oz.
Steeping Time - 3-5 minutes
Steeping Time 3-5 minutes
Serving Size - 10-12 oz.
Serving Size 10-12 oz.
NOTES: Pour hot water over tea sachet, steep, remove bag (no need to squeeze!), and enjoy.