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Our Story

Tea is Our Passion

Tea is our Passion. . . You could say it runs through our veins.

From the its origin in 1982 when our founders, Dan Schweiker and John Martinson, created our unique China Mist tea blends in their garage and offered it to local restaurants in Arizona; we have strived to make sure everyone can discover a joyful and flavorful tea drinking experience.

From ancient times people have found wisdom in tea, whether it was finding meaning in the leaves at the bottom of their cup or sipping a tall glass of iced tea while discussing the day’s events. But tea goes beyond that – growing and harvesting tea is a very intimate experience with workers hand-plucking only the best leaves from each plant.

Our teas are sourced from tea growing estates in a manner that can benefit the growers, their communities, and the earth. That’s why China Mist is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership. Through this organization you can be sure that we are helping to change lives at origin by providing better income to growers, empowering women in the tea industry and addressing environmental issues and climate change.

And, within our tea blending facilities our experts meticulously cup each tea blend; tasting the flavor nuances and ensuring the aroma has a full bouquet. Then sustainably packing our teas in recyclable boxes that are printed with soy-based ink.

Why do we take such care with our tea? Yes, we’re passionate about tea; and about providing you, our customers, with a tea in which you can be confident and truly feel joyful drinking. We're also passionate about this planet, our environment, and leaving the world better than we found it. Because of this, we source our teas in a sustainable manner. We're part of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which works to improve the lives and incomes of tea workers, farmers, and their communities.

When you drink China Mist teas, you can be confident your purchase is helping us all work toward a more sustainable environment. Cheers to tea! May your tea drinking experiences be extraordinary!

Even Our Logo is Passionate About Tea

The way we came up with our name is a quick little story actually... that goes something like this:
Take the birthplace of tea (which is China) and pair it with the cool, mystical presence of misty mountains, and voila, you have China Mist.

But look closer and you'll see that the love of tea is part of everything we do, from the dynamic colors in our logo to the symbolism of each element - we are passionate about tea.