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Developed Because Great Tea Enhances Any Meal

Studies have shown that tea is popular year-round. Among consumers that order beverages more often for delivery orders now than prior to COVID-19, more younger (23%) than older consumers (17%) will order beverages with delivery orders even more often after as the economy gets back to normal. And, 1 out of 4 consumers indicate that beverage offerings influence their choice of restaurants.

China Mist offers a comprehensive portfolio of iced teas from classic black tea, to Certified Organic tea, green tea, flavored tea, and herbal blends.

With a nationwide network of distributors and delivery reps, China MIst works directly with you to identify the right iced tea and hot tea blends, accessories and merchandising for your business. With insights and trends we have the expertise to help ensure your business offers popular on-trend flavors and classic favorites.

Want to start an Iced Tea Program for Your BUsiness?

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