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  • SHOTT - Passionfruit

  • $12.99

Tasting Notes

With its cheeky yellow polka-dot flesh, this little number just walks straight on up to your senses in its high heels and asks for a dance. Causes a stir wherever it goes; cocktails, fruit smoothies, desserts and summer drinks.


Being fresh and new is difficult when you are always on the move. That is why you need to pick that something that can never disappoint.
SHOTT Passionfruit concentrate is exactly that.
Create a Passionfruit and Raspberry Pavlovas that everyone loves, make a Passionfruit Mimosa perfect for any summer’s day or invent something a little wacky like Passionfruit, Lemon, Ginger and Honey tea.
SHOTT Passionfruit is a flexible summer classic just waiting for some of your imagination.