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  • China Mist Traditional Black Loose-Leaf Tea

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    It's called Traditional because this bold, brisk blend of black teas has stood the test of time. Brisk and slightly earthy and nutty, this tea is the ultimate in a refreshing, crisp glass of iced tea.

  • Caffeine Level: High
    Caffeine Level:
    Form: Loose Leaf
    Loose Leaf
    Type: Black

Tasting Notes

China Mist Traditional Loose-Leaf Iced Black Tea combines the best teas to create a classic, crisp iced tea that will quickly become your go-to. Flavor notes that are slightly nutty and earthy – with just a hint of sweetness – will fill your glass with an iced tea that is bold and refreshing.

Sustainably produced with strict adherence to environmental standards, China Mist is committed to ensuring that all the tea we use is sustainably and ethically produced from a range of tea-growers across the world.

Packed in a case of twenty-four - 3/4 ounce packages, each packet makes three quarts of refreshing, high-quality tea in your at-home tea brewer.  Now you can experience restaurant-quality iced tea at home.

Product Details

Tea Type
Bold black teas
Kosher Ethical Tea Partnership
Black tea

Preparation Instructions

Water Needed - Boil 1.5 Qts.
Water Needed Boil 1.5 Qts.
Steeping Time - 6-9 minutes
Steeping Time 6-9 minutes
Add'l Prep - Add 1.5 qts. water
Add'l Prep Add 1.5 qts. water
Serving Size - 3 Qts.
Serving Size 3 Qts.
NOTES: Each packet of loose tea produces 3 quarts of perfectly-brewed iced tea. Loose tea can be used in at-home iced tea brewers, or use a paper filter to hold the tea leaves to steep in boiled water. Our case of 24 packets makes this an economical option for iced tea lovers everywhere.