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  • Naturally Flavored Tropical Orange Black Iced Tea Filter Bags

  • $6.99

    Refreshing and soothing, our Tropical Orange Black Iced Tea is evocative of sipping a cool drink under a beach umbrella. The tropical orange flavors introduce citrusy bright notes that complement our rich, black tea. Try sweetening with a touch of brown sugar for a truly unique tea drinking experience.

  • Caffeine Level: High
    Caffeine Level:
    Form: Filter Bag
    Filter Bag
    Type: Black

Tasting Notes

China Mist’s Tropical Orange Black Iced Tea is packed with natural orange flavor to add  a citrusy, fruity taste to our bold black tea. With a prominent, fresh orange aroma that evokes images of tropical beaches, this blend is bold and crisp, bringing out the natural citrusy notes of black tea.

Free of artificial flavors and preservatives, this tea is sustainably produced with strict adherence to environmental standards, China Mist is committed to ensuring that all the tea we use is sustainably and ethically produced from a range of tea-growers across the world.

Packed in convenient filter bags, now you can experience restaurant-quality iced tea at home. China Mist teas are designed to make brewing the perfect iced tea simple and convenient. The rich flavors readily infuse to create a unique, fragrant, and distinctive brew for a truly unforgettable tea drinking experience.

Product Details

Tea Type
Tropical orange Black teas
Kosher Ethical Tea Partnership
Black teas natural flavoring (natural orange flavor)

Preparation Instructions

Water Needed - Boil 1 qt.
Water Needed Boil 1 qt.
Steeping Time - 5-7 minutes
Steeping Time 5-7 minutes
Add'l Prep - Add 1 qt. water
Add'l Prep Add 1 qt. water
Serving Size - 2 Qts.
Serving Size 2 Qts.
NOTES: Each tea bag produces a half-gallon of perfectly-brewed iced tea. This means each box of four oz. tea filter bags yields 2 gallons of brewed iced tea, making this an economical option for iced tea lovers everywhere.