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The Do’s and Go To Guide for Iced Tea Pairings

Iced Tea Pairings

If you’re thinking about ice tea pairings and don’t know where to start – keep on reading. The first thing to do is to consider what to do and where to begin.  We’ve put together a general guideline for you to start your iced tea pairing journey! Note that there isn’t a wrong direction to take and be sure to explore different combinations.


1. Be adventurous!

2. Look at the tea description

3. Use common sense & your instincts

General Guidelines

Black Tea complements heartier dishes best but really can go with just about anything. If you are feeling lost or unsure, iced black tea is a great place to start your iced tea and food journey.

Green Tea complements light or spicy dishes.

Herbal Tea is naturally caffeine free and can vary in flavor. Typically herbal fruity hibiscus teas go well with sweet food.

Iced Black Tea All Day, Every Day

Need something that goes with everything? Want a universal tea that’s tasty morning, noon, and night? You can’t go wrong with China Mist black iced tea! We have easy to use filter bags and loose-leaf tea options too!

The naturally flavored Gnarly Black Iced Tea is refreshing with any meal, with a nutty and full brisk flavor. This needs to be your pantry staple for iced tea year-round. Try Gnarly Black with heavy hearty dishes like burgers, heavy pasta dishes, and casseroles. Our Gnarly Black Iced Tea comes in filter bags, making it easy and convenient to prepare and enjoy anytime!

Another essential black iced tea is our China Mist Organic Estate Loose-Leaf tea! It’s Certified Organic – and a great all-around iced tea. This tea has alluring smoky notes that will add to your experience when sipping with delicious savory meat dishes.

While these iced black tea pairs well with just about any food, don’t forget you can add flavorings like lemon or mint to mix it up. Mix and match to find your favorite combination!

Delicate Green Tea with Light Meals

Iced green tea complements light or earthy dishes like vegetarian dishes, mild curries, salads, and lighter fish and chicken dishes.

China Mist Blackberry Jasmine Green Tea has a subtle sweetness with a beautiful floral scent, you can get filter bags or loose-leaf tea in this flavor. Any salad or fresh vegetarian dish would pair well with the sweet green tea. A mild green curry with fresh green chilies and bright green herbs complement the fruity light tea. Fish and chicken dishes with a lighter sauce pair well with the balanced juicy, floral notes of the green tea.

Another loose-leaf tea to explore is our Organic Jasmine Peach Loose-Leaf Tea, the light stone fruit and vegetal, floral jasmine notes of this green tea make a beautifully balanced tea. Try this tea with a dish that is light and has beautiful herbs and spices like allspice, cinnamon, cloves, mint, basil or lemongrass. Remember you aren’t limited to these herbs and spices – we hope these suggestions inspire you on your iced tea pairing journey.

Flirty, Fruity Herbal Iced Tea with Dessert

It’s time to talk about the sweetest part of our day – DESSERT!

Dessert’s perfect partner is an iced cold class of Naturally Flavored Berry Hibiscus Herbal Iced Tea or Hibiscus Raspberry Loose-Leaf Tea. The bright pink color with its tart and subtle sweetness will accompany any sweet dessert. Relax and savor dessert with this natural flavors of this caffeine-free herbal iced tea. When pairing a dessert look for sweetness, honey, or cream.

Don’t feel forced into a corner with dessert with these hibiscus herbal teas. Remember rules one through three from above! Speaking directly to common sense – you can explore sweet, savory food to complement the hibiscus tea. Try caramelized onions and dishes with honey.

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